The Peaks

We have pinned the approximate location of the summit for each mountain in the maps on each peak page. A good resource for peak location is Also note that different maps may have slightly different heights for mountain summits.

Tillotson Mountain – Resolving doubts about this peak’s elusive height

For many years Tillotson (Just south of Haystack Mountain in Lowell, Vermont) has been shrouded in uncertainty as to whether it is in fact above 3000′ in elevation. Some maps had Tillotson at 2,999′ – just shy of being a 3K mountain.

Now with Lidar measuring technology more widely available, Tillotson has been able to be measured with Lidar, and Lidar places Tilloston solidly above the 3000′ mark.

It appears we can now confirm with greater certainty that Tillotson is above 3000′ in elevation, resolving longstanding questions about the height of this peak in northern Vermont.