Vermont 110 Hiking PatchThe Vermont 110 are the 110 mountain peaks in Vermont above 3000′ in elevation. (five above 4000′, 105 above 3000′). Those who climb all 110 mountains can email us your completion date, and we will mail you a patch for having completed the challenge. The vast majority of the 110 peaks in Vermont are on public land, or have a public land accessible route to the summit, but a few require securing proper permission to climb. Some mountains have no trail to the summit requiring you to bushwhack to reach the top. Always climb safely and be respectful of private property and landowners.

The Green Mountain State has some of the most beautiful peaks and bushwhacks anywhere–enjoy the views!

We are looking for additional photos of various Vermont mountains on the list, email: thevermont110@gmail.com if you would like to share any photos on or of the peaks on this site. Thanks!

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Spencer Crispe First To Climb and Ski Down All 110 Vermont Peaks

On January 5th 2020 Spencer Crispe became the first known person to climb and ski down all 110 major mountains in Vermont. (above 3000′).  It took him 4 winters to accomplish and he used the following criteria: Climbing to the accepted summit of all 110, during Calendar winter, skiing down to a road or trailhead only removing skis rarely to downclimb because of unskiable terrain like ice cliffs, impenetrable thick growth or deep brook gullies. Some Vermont mountains afforded amazing back country turns and enormous deep powder. Other mountains were a hellish obstacle course, turning his skis into scrap metal and tearing his clothes into a shag rug.  Congratulations, Spencer!


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