The Peaks

We have pinned the approximate location of the summit for each mountain in the maps on each peak page. A good resource for peak location is Also note that different maps may have slightly different heights for mountain summits.

Spencer Crispe Climbs and Skis All 110 Peaks in Vermont

On January 5th 2020 Spencer Crispe became the first known person to climb and ski down all 110 major mountains in Vermont. (above 3000′).  It took him 4 winters to accomplish and he used the following criteria: Climbing to the accepted summit of all 110, during Calendar winter, skiing down to a road or trailhead only removing skis rarely to downclimb because of unskiable terrain like ice cliffs, impenetrable thick growth or deep brook gullies. Some Vermont mountains afforded amazing back country turns and enormous deep powder. Other mountains were a hellish obstacle course, turning his skis into scrap metal and tearing his clothes into a shag rug.

Congratulations Spence!