The Peaks

We have pinned the approximate location of the summit of each mountain in the maps on each peak page. A good resource for peak information and location is

Note that different maps and sources may have slightly different heights for mountain summits. Also, some peak names are not official and as such, may be referred to by a different moniker in other sources.

Monadnock Mountain

Monadnock Mtn
Height: 3148'
Location: Lemington


See note below.

Monadnock Mountain Notes

Monadnock Mtn, Lemington. VT

Monadnock Mtn, Lemington. VT
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Vermont 110 has learned that the Monadnock Mountain firetower trail is presently closed. There is an effort underway to try and re-route the trail to get it reopened. In the meantime, please respect Posted signs and private property owners. The upper flanks of Monadnock Mountain are public land so there may be a way to bushwhack to the summit from a different approach if you can find a trailless route that is not Posted from the bottom. We will post additional updates as we get them.